A Bit About the Alternate Chan Federation

Simply put, the Alternate Chan Alliance is an organization created with the purpose of congretating like-minded imageboard administrators/owners in an effort to protect values that we see as inalienable, the most important of which is free speech. Additonally, the ACA exclusively only hosts members that run imageboards, this is intentional. Sadly there has been a steady decline in people using imageboards, and many communities have been replaced by other forums/social media which more often than do not respect their users nor their privacy; the goal, is to preserve imageboards, their format, and the unique culture that they facilitate.

Imageboards that join the ACA are subject to meet a certain set of standards, and maintain those standards, they can be found below.

Qualifications to Join the Alternate Chan Federation

  1. Illegal content is not to be permitted, this includes but is not limited to:
    1. Pornography of people under the age of 18.
    2. Posting private information unless originally released by the owner of the information itself. Examples of private information are medical records, birth certificates, social security cards, ectetera.
    3. Anything that breaks US law.
  2. Have a consistent and compliant moderation staff that enforces both the aforementioned qualifications as well as your own site rules.
  3. Respect user privacy and data.
  4. Have a unique community.

Benefits of Joining the Alternate Chan Federation

  1. Shared resources.
  2. Technical assistance.
  3. App support for your site. Currently support is weighted towards the Dashchan mobile app.
  4. Code assistance.
  5. Graphics/unique art (if desired).
  6. Moral support ❤.
  7. Community and traffic growth.

If your imageboard meets all of these standards, and you're interested in joining please go to the Join page.